Prof. Yang Hongnian


Prof. Yang Hongnian

Vice president of the World Organization for Promoting Music and Arts Education

Vice president of the Artist Commission ofWorld Peace Choral Festival
Lifelong Academic Committee of Central Conservatory of Music

Dear Friends who love the choral,

"World Peace Choral Festival", which is held every summer in the city of music ---Vienna, is a very great event. This event not only provides a platform for young people who love the choral to show themselves, but also makes our singing quite meaningful in terms of its theme---world peace. Therefore, it won the strong support and high attention from the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian Government,the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna etc.

Music is the most soul-touching art, especially singing. Singing can be the most directive way to express human emotions, and it is the most contagious. I think it is the meaning of what Mr. Gerald Wirth says,"everyone can sing".


Someone says "choral is an important form which cannot be replaced by any other educational work." I agree , because in many developed countries and regions, choral activities in many schools are regarded as an important work to cultivate noble sentiments and team spirits of students.

Choral in our country has only about a hundred years history, which cannot be competed with that in Europe with nearly a thousand years history. However, we have worldwide the most extensive mass base. Especially, when I walk into schools one by one and hear the melodious singing of students, I think, this is the hope of Chinese choral and the most precious spiritual wealth of our country.

Therefore, on the behalf of the Artist Committee of World Peace Choral Festival, I would like to invite all friends to join the World Peace Choral Festival.It is not only a meaningful event, but also we can fully learn and exchange singing skills through the activity itself. Of course, we will show the spirits of Chinese Youth Choirs to the world as well!

Wish World Peace Choral Festival a complete success!


                                                                                                                                                   Yang Hongnian

The World Peace Choral Festival
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