Dr. Michael Häupl



Dr. Michael Häupl

Former Mayor of Vienna


Dear choristers!


In July 2014, the 5th World Peace Choral Festival will be held in Vienna. On this occasion, children's and youth choirs from all over the world will travel to the city of Vienna. They come together for singing for a better future. Nowadays, a nation seems to be accessible only via economic index, but wars and conflicts are separating whole nations. Therefore it is important that young people - regardless of origin - come together to overcome the barriers and to find new ways for a peaceful cooperation and co-existence. The World Peace Choral Festival aims to provide a platform for children and young people of different countries united by their affection for music, to perform, to communicate and to create a better intercultural understanding. The language of music is universal, and it is unbounded. The Language of music crosses social and cultural borders and unifies all people. I am very proud that the World Peace Choral Festival has a long tradition in Vienna. I wish all participants happiness and joy, courage, enthusiasm and unforgettable moments.

                                                                                                                                       Michael Häupl 

The World Peace Choral Festival
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