Dr. Claudia Schmied


Dr. Claudia Schmied

Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture

Dear participants,

Dear friends of choral music,

It's a great pleasure that the 2010 Vienna-World Peace Choral Festival will take place this year for the first time in Vienna!

Music is the language that gives children and youths from different countries, of different ages and musical preferences the chance to get together and connect in a very passionate way. Vienna with its long musical history is providing the right atmosphere for the young singers to celebrate unforgettable moments. During the festival the young singers will find out that they all are united by their passion for music and that music helps create better understanding between different Cultures. "Coming together to sing, singing for a better future" - taking the, motto of the festival I wish the 2010 Vienna-World Peace Choral Festival to be a great success!

Claudia Schmied

The World Peace Choral Festival
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