Belgium: Les Pastoureaux Petit Chanteurs de Waterloo

The later choir Les Pastoureaux Petit Chanteurs de Waterloo was founded around Christmas in 1974 by Bernhard Pagnier as a voice ensemble. The ensemble's aim was to bring joy to the people and to comfort those who lived alone, who were in hospitals, in homes or who felt lonely. In the following year, the choir became a non-profit association and named itself Les Pastoureaux. A chorister's daily life is determined by regular rehearsals, training courses, concerts and concert tours. The choir has held more than 1000 concerts in Belgium, in Europe and all around the world and recorded eight CDs. Since the choir's beginning, the number of choristers has been constantly growing and new groups have been established as well. Just to name a few there is the Cantate Group, the Voice School and the Associate Choir Leaders. Philippe Favette serves as the conductor of Les Pastoureaux. Philippe Favette has been giving concerts as bass-baritone not only in Belgium but also in France, Spain, the Netherlands and in Poland, etc. He has sung under the direction of numerous musical directors such as SigiswaldKuijken, Louis Langrée, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Marc Minkowski, Peter Philips, Christophe Rousset, JoridSavall and many others.

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