Some former participants

  • Gerogia: The Choir of the E. Mikeladze Music School

    In the year of 2010 BadriJimsheleishvili, a professional musician, and LamaraTaktakishvili founded the choir of the E.

  • Bulgaria: Children's Choir Talasumche

    Talasumche is a children's vocal and theatrical formation. It was founded

  • ScholaCantorum of Hong Kong

    Founded in 2013, ScholaCantorum of Hong Kong is a mixed-voice chamber choir based at Shun Hing College

  • Russia: Children's Choir Vesna

    In 2010 Children's Choir Vesna celebrated its 45th anniversary. The choir as well as the school Vesna was founded by

  • Spain: Divisi Children's Choir

    Divisi Children's Choir was established in 1993 in Valencia under the support of the DIVISI Music School,

  • China: The Chorus of Beijing No. 22 Middle School

    The Chorus of Beijing No.22 Middle School which consists of 45 members from grade one and grade two

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The World Peace Choral Festival
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