Young singers between 9 and 15 years of age from all over the world are warmly welcomed to register for the  World Peace Choir. The members of the World Peace Choir will get the chance to participate in special workshops  conducted by renowned music experts of Vienna Boys' Choir. The four day workshop will be held at Palais Augarten, where the singers of Vienna Boys' Choir live and work. During the workshop the members of World Peace Choir will receive individual voice training and will be taught specific strategies of choral singing. They will further learn how to perform as one choir, the World Peace Choir. Once the workshop is finished, the World Peace Choir will take part in the activities and concerts of the World Peace Choral Festival . The highlight of the World Peace Choir Project and of the World Peace Choral Festival will be the performance at the Gala Concerts at Vienna Concert Hall. The choir is also invited to join the Opening Ceremony of the festival, the Barbecue event, the "Voices for Peace" and the "Music without Borders" concerts as well as the Peace Concert at UN Headquarters.



Singers who apply for the World Peace Choir must be between 9 and 15 years of age. They have to prove experience in choral singing, particularly in 3-4 voices choirs through a letter of recommendation issued by a choir conductor the applicant has worked with. For successful application the young singer must be accompanied by his/her parents or a parental authorized carer.   


The World Peace Choral Festival
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