The World Peace Choral Festival goes online!

The World Peace Choral Festival goes online!

Music encouraging, purifying and unifying!

In the difficult time like today, music plays a more important role than ever! To continue the meaningful forms of online music activities and to exhibit the talents and achievement of the choirs around the world, The World Peace Choral Festival is now going online!

A series of cloud events will be added to the World Peace Choral Festival’s online session. They will give opportunities to the choirs to participate, for example: the cloud opening ceremony on the May 1st, 2021, the peace concerts on cloud, the online choral competition, the Grand Prix competition, the prize award ceremony etc. All these will happen online in May 2021.

The traditional version of the World Peace Choral Festival will remain the same like last years and be carried out in Vienna during July 22nd till 25th 2021.

For more information please visit: www.wpcf.at.

To follow the latest news please check out the facebook profile of the festival:


The World Peace Choral Festival
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