"World peace is the wish of the people and the voice of the child all over the world. ...

"The World Peace Choral Festival offers young singers a great possibility to take part in large-scale stage performances ...

World Peace Choral Festival


  • Dr. Heinz. Fischer

    The Former Federal President of the Republic of Austria

    Dear Friends, it is a great pleasure to see that the World Peace Choral Festival has been held in Vienna every year
  • Doris Bures

    President of National Parliament, Austria

    Die Auseinandersetzung mit der Globalisierung konzentriert sich zumeist auf gesellschaftliche, ökonomische und politische Herausforderungen
  • Prof. Gerald Wirth

    Artistic Director of the World Peace Choral Festival/President and Artistic Director of Vienna Boys' Choir

    Dear Friends, we connect the world with music and look into a future of peace.
  • Prof. Yang Hongnian

    Vice President of the World Organization for Promoting Music and Arts Education

    Dear Friends who love chorus, "World Peace Choral Festival", which is held every summer in the city of music --- Vienna,
  • Dr. Michael Häupl

    Mayor of Vienna

    Dear choristers! In July 2014, the 5th World Peace Choral Festival will be held in Vienna. On this occasion, children's and youth choirs from all over the world will travel to the city of Vienna. They come together for singing for a better future. In our


The World Peace Choral Festival
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